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TWBIS was started as part of the vision of God for the body of Christ through Bishop Stan Williams. Bishop Williams and his wife have been pastoring for over 25 years. They are founders of THE CHURCH INTERNATIONAL DBA THE CHURCH 3:20 in Jacksonville, Florida. Bishop Stan answered the call of God to go to Jacksonville in 1991 to build his family for ministry and build the Lord a church. In 1992, Bishop Stan and his wife founded their first church which they pastored for 22 years in Jacksonville. After raising two children, who graduated from college and are both married and working in ministry, Bishop Stan and Lady Dee started a new ministry, The Church 3:20 in 2012 which is known as a family ministry.


Bringing people of God into the full knowledge of God’s Word. Preparing them to preach the gospel throughout the world.



Empowering men and women for the work of ministry; teaching biblical truths to cause them to live out the life of faith here in the earth. The just shall live by faith.



TWBIS is a member of Transworld Accrediting Commission International since July 2019. TWBIS is also recognized as an exempt religious Institution by the Florida Department of Education Commission for Independent Education Section 1005.006(i)(f), F.S./Rule 6E-5.001, Fla Admin Code.

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